Warm Poems and Cool Drinks

There is nothing quite so luxurious as relaxing outdoors on a warm day reading a book. I try to spend as much time as possible doing just that, and it’s my go-to activity on summer weekends. My house has a screened porch, and last year, I installed a swing so that I could relax out there in perfect comfort, swinging away and reading the latest novel.


However, even paradise isn’t perfect. While it’s wonderful to simply sit out in the fresh air, free from all of the irritating bugs and insects thanks to the screen, and just lose myself in tales of adventure and mystery, there’s been just one thing missing. A nice cold drink.

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Yes, it might sound silly to think that something so small could actually spoil what is quite clearly such a luxurious experience, and yet it’s surprising how much the little things can niggle away at you.


It all began when I was lying back re-reading Pride and Prejudice for about the hundredth time. It was so hot and I couldn’t concentrate on Lizzy and Mr. Darcy because I was so busy thinking about a nice cold drink. In the end, I went indoors and poured myself a cold soda with ice and took it back outside. That was better, but in just a few minutes it was gone, and I was still hot and thirsty. But I just couldn’t be bothered to go all the way back to the kitchen to get another drink. It was such an interruption to my reading experience. But what was the alternative? Sit here getting hotter and thirstier?


So, I came up with a better idea – I would get a jug of iced water and bring it back outside with me so that I could pour a drink whenever I wanted one. Well, the idea was good, but unfortunately, the reality didn’t live up to my great expectations. By the time I was ready to take another drink all of the ice had melted and my water was warm and unpleasant. Just great. I had to get back up and go back to the kitchen yet again, leaving Jane and Mr. Bingley at a crucial moment!


For weeks, I’ve been dwelling on how to rectify the problem, and I’ve come up with the perfect solution – a drinks cooler for the screen porch! That way, I can stock it up with drinks and just help myself whenever I want to without having to get up from my swing!


I’ve been doing some research and I’ve come up with a couple of great options that I think will work well for me.



Danby 3.3 cubic

This popular unit is sturdy, simple and versatile and will work well for all kinds of drinks. Despite having just 3.3 cubic feet of space (which is ideal for my small porch) it can hold as many 120 cans, which is more than enough to last, and with its sleek design, it’ll fit neatly into a corner by my swing. Its interior light will help me to choose my drink of choice and as the bulb is LED its energy efficient. This cooler has a mechanical thermostat to keep the temperature constant and the window is tempered glass, so it won’t break easily. Even better, it is an automatically defrosting model so ice won’t build up over time. With wire shelves, it’s easy to keep this cooler organized and even better, it’s lockable so I won’t have to worry about anyone “borrowing” my drinks! It’s also protected by a 1-year warranty. On the downside, it can be a little noisy which might be distracting when I’m reading and it doesn’t get super cold, so on hot days, my drinks may not be quite so refreshing.

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This 120 can cooler is very powerful and can keep drinks super cold. It has a forced air circulation system so the temperature stays even and the storage shelves are adjustable to suit different sized cans and bottles. Even so, this model is compact and has a smooth exterior so it will fit neatly onto my porch. It has a stylish finish and it also locks for convenience and security. The Whynter model also has an LED light and it can be turned on or off without the door being opened for a little ambient lighting in the evening! On the downside, this model too is a little noisy with constant humming.


I’m working on making my choice since I can’t wait to get out on the porch with a cold drink and the latest novel!

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