Writing Is Good for You

Although some people are under the misconception that writers tend to wallow in negative emotions, in fact, there is evidence to show that writing can actually be very good for both your mental and physical health.


Of course, the benefits don’t come from writing about trivialities – you have to write expressively, writing down your deepest emotions and thoughts to lessen long-term problems. However, research has shown that writing about upsetting experiences actually relieves stress. Whether writing a journal or a blog, it’s a wonderful way of releasing tension.


The Benefits Of Expressive Writing

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When you write expressively, you are letting your negative emotions come to the surface, however, this is a short-term effect. In the long term, it can offer numerous health benefits including:


Less stress-related issues. Writing helps you to get stress off your mind.

Fewer depression symptoms – writing gives you a channel for expressing your anxiety and fears and helps you to heal more quickly.

Better health overall – stress has a negative impact on overall physical health, and when this stress is eradicated, your physiology will improve too, with liver and lung function being improved.

Better memory – when you write your thoughts and experiences down, you can remember things more easily and this improves your memory overall.

Less time off work – a lot of stress issues stem from the workplace, and taking time off is one way of escaping from it. However, if you write about your work worries, you can cope better with them.

Easier to find a job after being unemployed – unemployment is sure to make you lose your self-confidence, however by writing down your fears and stress, you can more easily get back up on your feet.


Where To Start

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A lot of people are worried about writing, simply because they didn’t enjoy it in school and are worried that they won’t be any good at it. If you didn’t like creative writing when you were at school, that’s no reason to be put off it now. Your writing is only for you, and there’s no teacher there to judge or criticise, so it’s not important if you aren’t very good. Even if you struggle to express how you feel, the benefits are in the freedom of expression and not in the skill of the writing. There is no competition here, you are simply releasing your inner emotions.


Writing is not just a form of communication with others, it is also a form of communication with yourself, helping you to better understand your emotions and feelings and to find out ways of dealing with your experiences. It has been proven to work as a form of treatment for people who suffer from psychological disorders, so it stands to reason that it will work for you too if you are suffering from unhappiness and stress in your life. It may not work straight away, however over time, you will be taking steps towards better mental health and greater happiness whenever you put pen to paper.

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